People’s Park

Someone I know found some old pics and scanned them in. Here’s his message:

In 1971 I lived two blocks from People’s Park in Berkeley, the scene of a riot (one killed – one blinded) in 1969. On the second anniversary of People’s Park, the student newspaper, the Daily Californian, called for people to tear down the fence that U.C. had erected. I was there with my camera and took some slides. I have scanned them and placed them onto the web. You are cordially invited to view these slides at:
People’s Park Anniversary Riots

Keep in mind that this is the anniversary of the original riot. The pictures give a feel for the times.

3 thoughts on “People’s Park

  1. My roommate used to live in Berkeley so I showed her the pics. She went nuts. She was 5 yrs old and living in one of the apts on Telegraph that day. She thinks one of the ladies sitting on the curb might be her mom. It was my roomie’s first taste of tear gas. (Her second taste was WTO in Seattle – innocent bystander at both)
    I sent the link to her mom and aunt (who was there too)
    What goes around, comes around – to bite you on the ass.

  2. I was there too. The sound of an explosion about a block up the street and the vision of a police car (empty at the time) flip up into the air and over on it’s back is vividly etched in my mind 34 years later.

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