People Who Don’t Get It

Bush is nominating a political hack to head the CIA, bringing the agency under Party control so it can be used to smear Democrats and solidify power. And the Democrats’ response? Democrats Don’t Plan to Block Confirmation of C.I.A. Nominee:

“The Democrats said that if they opposed the Goss nomination they expected that the White House would cast them as obstructionists who were delaying prosecution of the war on terror.”

I refer to this syndrome as being afraid that Rush Limbaugh is going to say bad things about them.

“They said they had learned that lesson the hard way. In 2002, the Democrats opposed a proposal to eliminate some protections for employees of the Department of Homeland Security. Republicans took that as an opening to portray certain Democrats as opposed to protecting the nation.”

Oh, I see. THAT was why the Republicans smeared them.

And if they had only voted with Bush, the Republicans WOULDN’T have smeared them?

They just don’t get it. They think the way to fight The Party’s takeover of the country and destruction of our democracy and constitution is to capitulate, let them have their way, and maybe they’ll just go away and leave them alone.