People Want Transformational Change

One thing Republican rule has done is help a lot of people sort out their thinking. People have had enough. People are fed up with business-as-usual, and dysfunctional systems that allow wingnuts to gain power. People are ready for transformational change. Half-assed namby-pamby measures aren’t going to satisfy anymore.
For example, people don’t want to fix the energy problem by raising the fuel economy standards a bit in 2009, they want to invest $1 trillion in developing new, sustainable energy sources and moving away from using fossil fuels entirely – now. That’s transformational change.
People don’t want to tweak health insurance rules, they want to implement Medicare For All, where every single person in the United States receives health coverage and prescription coverage as a right.
People don’t want to fix the political system by lowering the limits on PAC donations, they want public financing of elections.
People want to ban all use of corporate money for any politician or so-called charity or anything else.
People want to stop this idea of corporate personhood and similar nonsense that depowers the public. People want corporations to serve the public good.
Let’s discuss this. Please leave comments with other examples of the kind of truly transformational change we need.

8 thoughts on “People Want Transformational Change

  1. How about transforming the nature of how our Govt interacts with its people? The nature of social and cultural discourse? How about moving away from fear and division to discussion and facts?
    abstinence, cronyism, faith-based, funding, social norms, science, lies lies lies.

  2. Yeah. Open, transparent government based on honesty and integrity instead of constant manipulation and lies. What do people want? Read the Declaration of Independence.
    No more exporting jobs. God, this morning it was on the news that they’re gonna ship CHICKENS to China to be “processed” and ship the results back here for us to eat. How about a campaign for fresh chicken for non-vegetarians?

  3. OK, Dave, I’ll bet you $10. Even if your precious dems are elected to majorities in both houses of Congress, not a single one of the “people want” items on your list will be enacted within two years. I’m confident that I will win this bet over any time period, but I chose two years. Feel free to substitute another.
    First, people may want these things, but neither major party will acomodate them. I am absolutely, 100% certain of this.
    Also, I doubt very much that after fifteen or twenty minutes of concerted corporate-backed propaganda on any one these issues, a majority of Americans will support them. We’re just not too bright. (Actually, I doubt a majority support any of them now, but it doesn’t really matter.)

  4. If the Dems take a majority of the House, and 2/3 of the Senate plus one, and the Presidency, these things will be enacted. Otherwise the Republicans will be able to block them.
    These are goals. These are the new terms for the debate. Nothing less than Medicare For All (single-payer health care), public financing of elections, and the other transformational ideas.
    It will take time. We have to build the organizations that get these ideas to the public, and we have to get people into office who will vote to pass them. We start today by supporting organizations like Commonweal Institute, and by donating to organizations that train YOUNG PEOPE to be future progressive leaders.

  5. You had me at Hello Dave.
    That is until this: “People want to stop this idea of corporate personhood and similar nonsense that depowers the public. People want corporations to serve the public good.”
    Sad truth is people don’t even have this on their radar. And in my opinion it is perhaps the single most significant transformational change we can affect. Think of the ripple effects if this took place..

  6. All of those things have been polling solid majorities for years, some for decades. What would make for a transformational change would be for a majority of DEMS IN CONGRESS to finally start discussing them. Dave Van Os, candidate for attorney general of Texas, (an office constitutionally stronger than Governor) is raising money on an anti corporate theme including warning the big oil companies that they are going to be regulated. Lots of the candidates out there are nothing like the national Dems and Begala and Carville are scratching their heads in public. Me, I’m feeling good about our chances. Time to go register new voters.

  7. The one death penalty liberals can get behind: If a political party lies to get us into a war, they are no longer a viable party.

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