People, Listen To This Man!

Now only Bush can stop the neocons’ wars:

“What is happening in Washington today is that those who were skeptical of the Iraq war and warned the White House against going in are being purged. And those who assured President Bush it would be a cakewalk, that we would be welcomed with flowers and not suicide bombers, that democracy would take root in Iraq and spread through the region, that he would be the Churchill of his generation, are being promoted. Those who were wrong are being advanced, and those who were right are being dismissed.

[. . .] With neoconservatives even more zealously committed than he to the “Bush doctrine” of pre-emptive strikes and preventive war on “axis of evil’ nations seeking weapons of mass destruction, and using U.S. power to effect regime change on defiant nations, only Bush can now prevent them from realizing their vision.

The United States, with 80 percent of its ground forces home from Iraq, in Iraq or on the way, does not have the ground troops to fight another land war. Indeed, there may not be enough troops in-country to defeat the spreading insurgency in Iraq.

Air or missile strikes on Iran would bring Iranian support for anti-American guerrillas in Afghanistan, in the Shiite areas of Iraq, in Lebanon, perhaps in Saudi Arabia. The Middle East could erupt in war. Who would support us in such a war that would send the price of oil and gas soaring and plunge the West into recession?”

I’m making you go there to see who wrote this. He is one of very, very few “Conservatives” who have not been bought off by the corporate/crony movement. He is someone who sticks to his principles and tells it how he sees it.