Pentagon Enforces Theocracy

Do you remember the controversy about the Air Force Academy enforcing right-wing Christianity on the cadets? In the post Who Got the Pink Slip? Think Progress follows up.
The whistle blower has been fired.
Brig. Gen. Johnny Weida, the person said to be responsible for the harassment of non-Christians, is being given a promotion by the Pentagon. (The investigation is not concluded.)
This is what is known as “sending a message.”
These people are not fooling around, and the message is that they have already taken control. Watch your backs.

2 thoughts on “Pentagon Enforces Theocracy

  1. It should be obvious that this is in fact, yet another Crusade. The entire military is mostly evangelicals who have been brainwashed into demonizing non-evangelicals. This is so that when martial law is imposed, they won’t have any trouble firing on U.S. citizens. BELIEVE IT.

  2. This Crusade has been coming on for a long time. Most of the military are evanglists who having been brainwashed to view everyone else as a non-human, will have no difficulty firing on american citizens. BELIEVE IT.

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