Pelosi And Democrats Insulted

I was listening on the radio to House Republican leader John Boehner introducing the incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
He just couldn’t help himself. He just had to throw in a stupid, childish insult.
In his historic introduction of the first woman to be Speaker, he referred to the “Democrat Party.”
There is no question that he knew what he was doing, that is was an intentional insult.

3 thoughts on “Pelosi And Democrats Insulted

  1. Sore losers. You expect them to be nice? They’re already whining and complaining that the Democrats aren’t being fair, too.

  2. The craven weaklings of the democrat party have been letting them get away with it for thirty years. So now you’re getting mad? You lost this verbal battle decades ago. It’s what happens to cowards.

  3. One of the sites you linked to got it right:

    Some advice for Dems: the GOP knows that you’re not the “Democrat” party or the “Democrat National Committee.” And, yes, Ken Mehlman’s English teacher taught him when to use the suffix “ic.”
    When, say, President Bush refers to the opposition party as the “Democrat Party,” Republicans know that it, in the words of one Dem who e-mailed us this morning, “pisses us off.”
    That’s why they do it.
    Because it irritates Dems. And because “Democrat” triggers more negative connotations than “Democratic.”
    Of course, when Mehlman addressed the NAACP in Milwaukee last July, he said “Democratic.” That was one audience he didn’t want to offend.

    So go ahead and get pissed off and indigent, aggrieved Democratics. If you let it bother you, then the joke is on you. If you ignore it, the joke’s on them.

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