Pass Health Care With Strong Public Option Or No Votes For Dems

Here is something that the Democrats in DC need to understand: the “base” has not forgotten about health care with a public option. They have not dropped it. They have not run from it.
Pass health care with a strong public option, or a LOT of people are not going to show up at the polls in November.
I am not advocating this, I am afraid of this. Out there in “the real world” people are not tuned into the finer points of the legislative process. ALL they know is that the Congress spent the year on health care, and nothing has been done. And the polls still show that the public option is what the pubic wants. None of this has changed, even if Washington is tired of it.
Meanwhile, if you are watching the CPAC convention of crazy conservatives this week you are seeing the people who are going to be in office if people are not given good reasons to show up and vote.
The Republican agenda is Tax Cuts, Torture and Triggering a depression. We really don’t want that. Democrats, get your act together and pass that health care! The country need to you get this done.

One thought on “Pass Health Care With Strong Public Option Or No Votes For Dems

  1. Alas, we still don’t know whether there is a PO, and, if there is one, is it strong?
    What we need is Medicare for All…with a strong private option.
    Obama did that great prenegotiating with himself and took single payer “off the table,” setting the table for the mess of health insurance reform bills we ended up with.
    We don’t need health insurance reform–we need health CARE.
    And the public WANTS health CARE, not this mishmash of mandates to buy the insurance company parasites’ expensive offerings with all their gotchas, weak tea subsidies for limited numbers of the uninsured, Medicaid costs shunted to the tender mercies of states’ budgets subject to balancing requirements and political winds, and a seeming protection of profits for the BHIPs (Big Health Insurance Parasites).
    At TalkLeft today, desmoinesdem posted these numbers from a recent Iowa poll:

    Research 2000 polled 600 Iowa likely voters last week for KCCI-TV. Health care numbers:
    QUESTION: Do you favor or oppose the health care reform bill passed in December by the U.S. Senate?
    ALL 36% 57% 7%
    MEN 32% 61% 7%
    WOMEN 40% 53% 7%
    DEMOCRATS 62% 24% 14%
    REPUBLICANS 7% 87% 6%
    INDEPENDENTS 35% 63% 2%
    QUESTION: Would you favor or oppose the national government offering everyone the choice of buying into a government administered health insurance plan — ,b>something like the Medicare coverage that people 65 and older get — that would compete with private health insurance plans?
    ALL 61% 31% 8%
    MEN 58% 33% 9%
    WOMEN 64% 29% 7%
    DEMOCRATS 87% 9% 4%
    REPUBLICANS 32% 59% 9%
    INDEPENDENTS 60% 29% 11%

    Note how the Independents’ favorabiity flips. Repubs, eh; we’re not going to get them…until they their Medicare for All coverage!
    Our pols seem to be trapped by their need for high campaign donations and are thus unable to listen to needs of the people.
    (My bolding of poll numbers)

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