Party Over Country

In Fox News: Anti National Security, Oliver Willis links to a video of a Fox News commentary that says all that needs to be said about “conservatives” and REAL patriotism.
As you watch the video, keep in mind that:
1) In 1991, the acting U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Joe Wilson, sheltered 800 Americans at the embassy in Baghdad during Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.
2) His wife Valerie Plame was a CIA covert operative working to keep WMD out of the hands of terrorists.
Now, having watched the video, what have you realized about so-called “conservatives” and “patriotism” and maintaining a “strong defense”? Those are just words. Are they words to live by? Not if it gets in the way of the interests of The Party.

5 thoughts on “Party Over Country

  1. What’s so potent about the repugs is that they believe that the triumph of their beliefs and the continued maintenace of their power is MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING.
    The demcorats are permanent losers because they DO NOT.

  2. Well, there is some misreporting in the CNN story:
    Accusations he claims cost his CIA-operative wife her anonymity and her job.
    (Fact) Valerie Plame still works for the CIA
    “I spent eight days there looking at this, found out there was nothing to the allegation. … I came back; I submitted my report,” Wilson said in an interview with the Institutes of International Studies at University of California at Berkeley in 2003.
    (Fact) Joseph Wilson found that Iraq had attempted to buy yellowcake but was unable due IAEA control and an unstable consortium.
    (Wilson’s Lie) He reported to the State Department his findings that Iraq had sought uranium, but said in the NYTs that it had not.
    Those are the undisbuted facts. If you want to go after Bush and have credibility amongst the majority of the American people, get ‘yer facts straight

  3. Your first repug talking point is bullshit. If I am a covert agent for the CIA, love that job, and must be reassigned to another post at the CIA because of some treacherous repug weasel, it is perfectly correct to say that “I lost my job.” I now have another, DIFFERENT job at the same place.
    If your second repug talking point is just as “undisbuted” as the first, it’s shit also.

  4. Thom Hartmann said something quite obvious today, but I haven’t heard it elsewhere: The whole Rove “scandal” is working perfectly for the repugs, because it makes the story Rove Vs. Wilson instead of Wilson vs. BUSH. Wilson shows, in conjunction with so many other sources, that BUSH lied us into war. If they can keep the story about Rove, they win. Again.

  5. “(Fact) Valerie Plame still works for the CIA”
    But her operation was “rolled up” after Rove’s leak, and all of her informants burned. We do not know how many were killed. We do know that it affected the CIA’s efforts to stop terrorists from getting weapons of mass destruction.
    “Joseph Wilson found that Iraq had attempted to buy yellowcake but was unable due IAEA control and an unstable consortium.”
    No, that was Iran. (Details here.) Iran has an ‘n’ in its name. It was an ENEMY of Iraq.
    “Those are the undisbuted facts.”
    No, they are not. You are repeating lies.

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