Paris Hilton Responds To McCain

Paris Hilton responds to the McCain “Celebrity” ad. No, really, it really is Paris Hilton.

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She has more actual energy policy than McCain!

4 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Responds To McCain

  1. Thats really funny. However, it would be nice if you permitted by comment to appear that I posted several days ago. Do you really get harrassed that much?

  2. er, drilling combined with investment in energy advancements is the McCain energy policy (that and increase the amount the grid supplies through Nuclear power so those plug-in cars can be supported)
    Obama’s energy policy? Inflate your tires and pretend against all evidence that that will solve the problem while Kow-towing to the monied Environmental special interests.

  3. Funny that Dave gives you a troll hat — he is very much in favor of nuclear, or at least he was until McCain endorsed it. McCain and Dave are both insane on the issue, of course, but it is amusing.

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