Pandagon: Corporate Taxation

I left a comment to this post: Pandagon: Corporate Taxation about whether companies pass taxes along to their customers: (ETMMLB)

Taxes are not a COST. You don’t even know your taxes until the end of the year, after you figure your costs and revenues. THEN you compute your taxes. So you can’t pass on your taxes to customers.

AND, if you did add something for taxes, what about your competitors? They don’t have to, and that makes them more competitive because they aren’t tacking on some extra price, so why would you add to the price?

AND if you are not optimally pricing your product… I mean, if you are not charging what you can get ALREADY you are n’t doing a good job.

This argument that companies pass on their taxes to their customers is so silly.

A corporation SHOULD be taxed. Otherwise there is no reason for us to charter them. We let corporations do business (and give the stockholders benefits like limited liability) IN ORDER TO BENEFIT US. So if they make money, we tax them and have schools and stuff. Jeeze. How far have we been pushed by this right-wing stuff?

And now thinking about it, the people who really ARE taxed when corporations are taxed are the rich clucks who own most of the stock in corporations. So by convincing people not to tax corporations they’re convincing the public to give the rich clucks a break and tax themselves instead. Nice work if you can get it.

What think you?