Palin – THE Most Qualified Republican

As I wrote below, I have to agree with John McCain that Sarah Palin is absolutely the most qualified Republican to be Vice President.
Of all the Republicans in the entire United States, Sarah Palin is the most qualified Republican.
John McCain has suffered FOUR bouts of melanoma. So it is imperative that the Vice President be the most qualified possible person, ready to step into the leadership role on a moment’s notice.
There is NO Republican more qualified than Sara Palin.
There is NO Republican less corrupt.
There is NO Republican that foreign leaders will respect more.
Of ALL the Republicans in the entire United States, including ALL of the candidates for President in this year’s primaries, not a single one measures up to Sarah Palin. Not one.
Let them deny it.

One thought on “Palin – THE Most Qualified Republican

  1. Hi,
    I’m not able to comment on most of your points — I’m not American and I don’t know enough about US politics to be able to guess whether Palin is considered qualified/incorruptible/etc. What’s more, it’s none of my business 🙂
    However, I did just want to comment on this one:
    > There is NO Republican that foreign leaders will respect more.
    By no means is this true, unfortunately. It is early days, but she comes across as relatively uneducated and unprepared for politics at the world level, compared to someone like Condoleezza Rice who is able to read Russian-language newspapers and converse with Sarko and Merkel without an interpreter. Her stated political attitudes are internationally seen as remarkably extreme, one might say fundamentalist, and of course there will be a reaction to that.
    A brief check of a few French language news sites suggests that the French reaction is as one might expect of a nation which gets the majority of its politicians from one school (the École nationale d’administration). To be blunt, I would expect them to see her as underqualified. Germany perhaps less so, but I doubt they will appreciate the religious aspects of the thing…
    YMMV, of course!

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