Over The Rainbow

Jesse at Pandagon comments on a Dear Abby letter complaining about a neighbor with a Gay Pride flag and doesn’t want children “to be subjected to that kind of thing.”

Because gays are uncommonly obsessed with sex and children (I heard it from James Dobson, so it must be true), the merest exposure to homosexuality is enough to send your child on a downward spiral into drugs, debauchery and death. But what if we took common symbols of homosexuality – pride flags, Margaret Cho, short fingernails on women – and instead made homosexuals think of specifically targeted messages? A pride flag instantaneously communicates hedonistic perversion, but what if that gay man and every gay or lesbian he knew congregated around that flag, and instead thought of United States presidents? Basketball statistics? Basic math?

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2 thoughts on “Over The Rainbow

  1. Good God! I’ve got short fingernails! Does that mean I’m signaling that I’m a lesbian?

  2. Maybe if more gay people flew the Rainbow flag, people would get used to seeing it and it would not be an issue. We are in a culture war now friends so, just like the South flew the Confederate flag (and some still do), we should proudly fly the Rainbow flag. Kinda like saying: “We’re here. We’re queer. GET USED TO IT!”

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