Over at Toby’s Political Diary

Over at Toby’s Political Diary – Let It Begin Here, Solidarity Forever is an inspiring piece.

It is time to resurrect this concept—that solidarity among Americans means there is a limit to the income inequality that we will tolerate, a limit to the social costs corporations can impose, and an entitlement to a European quality of life, with vacation, health care, retirement, unemployment, training and an adequate welfare system.

An informative piece is The Tax Cut and the 2 Million ton Cap.

The bottom 80% of Americans lost ground in terms of share of income since the time of Ronald Reagan. The top 20% gained some share of income, but the top 5% gained nearly 75% of all share of income given up by the bottom 80%.

This is not class war. It is class rape.

Visit this weblog and read these pieces. I always gain from the experience.