Over at Eschaton

Over at Eschaton they’ve got a good discussion going in the comments attached to the posting, talking about how the Republicans are going after Democrats as unpatriotic, and “hating America” and the rest of the stuff they’re spewing. (Should I start having comments here?)

Here’s my contribution, posted both there and here (but spellchecked here 😉 :

It’s worth noting that the very core of the Republican Party now encourages & even pays good money to get this stuff out to the public. TownHall.com is part of the Heritage Foundation – go see their links to Coulter, etc. Listen to Limbaugh’s vicious hate attacks on people – yet the Vice President was on his show recently. Bush put several of the nastiest anti-Clinton people into policymaking positions, and he has rewarded the people who physically attacked the vote counting in Florida.

This is clearly part of their strategy. There’s no way around that at this point. It must serve their purposes so they do it. It is not a lot different from the brownshirts attacking rallies of your opponents, and serves much the same purpose. But this kind of stuff encourages a violent, hateful segment of society, and encourages others in that direction. This stuff is what got McVeigh fired up – and now their star Anne Coulter says she only wishes McVeigh had bombed the New York Times building instead!

The times have become rather scary. When you see your opponents using these tactics – this is way beyond Nixon – you start thinking about what might be coming if they aren’t stopped. If you REALLY mean it when you say they are fascists, you need to start thinking about how to protect your family.