Out Of Gas

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Gasoline: A Time for Caution

According to the DOE, existing stocks of gasoline are already below the normal range for this time of year. See the following graph: … Drawing down gasoline stocks too far carries the risk of prolonging the period of record gas prices. Importing refined products reduces the supply elsewhere, especially in Europe. According to the Daily Record, UK’s Gordon Brown warned yesterday that ‘Hurricane Katrina could sweep Europe into recession’.
[. . .] Where does this leave the US? It is critical that the four ‘out of commission’ refineries return to operation as soon as possible. But even more important, the US needs to reduce demand for gasoline consistently, by 5% or more, until the refineries are back in operation. Perhaps the record high prices will suffice, but I believe this is a situation that calls for leadership – something sorely lacking in the US – and a call for conservation on the part of all Americans for the next few weeks or months (and why not years?).

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The leadership vacuum didn’t stop at FEMA, and the resuting damage gets worse.

3 thoughts on “Out Of Gas

  1. It’s not just a gasoline problem. They’re predicting a harsh winter, and there may be plenty of deaths of people who can’t afford to heat their homes — or can’t get oil to do it.

  2. The title of this note reminds me to recommend again the excellent short book of the same name, Out of Gas, by Cal Tech physicist David Goodstein. It can be read in one or two sittings and is unimpeachable.

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