OUCH! Kerry WAY Out Of Touch With Base!

Back when I was a Kerry supporter, and before Dean had set up his weblog (or even a campaign office with more than 2 people) I was concerned that the Kerry campaign was not really in touch with the thinking of most of the regular Democrats I was hearing from, and reading, here on the Internet. This was back when you and I were reading GREAT pieces like this (so good — read it again! “When I want to vote for a warmongering corporate slave, I always vote Republican.”), and wondering where the Democrat leadership was, and why they were so damned out of touch with the rest of us.

So I called the Kerry campaign office, said I had an online weblog that lots of people read, and asked if there was anyone there who was regularly reading weblogs or sites like BuzzFlash. Their reaction is part of why I am now a Dean supporter. The person who answered sort of scoffed, didn’t really know what a weblog was, said they would ask around if anyone had heard of BuzzFlash, and no one never called back. I tried a second time, same reaction. (My decision to support Dean happened later, when I went to a Kerry fundraiser and met him. The evening confirmed that he was not the guy we needed leading the fight against the Bush machine at this time.)

Anyway, this from an Iowa union event yesterday:

DesMoinesRegister.com | News: ‘The Dean campaign is saying you’re kind of stealing their thunder on this on-line petition,’ Dave Price, a reporter for Des Moines-based WHO-TV 13, to which Kerry responded with a smirk: ‘Well, the last person I heard who claimed he had invented the Internet didn’t do so well.’

The response earned restrained yucks from the gaggle of reporters. But Dean’s staff hadn’t said they invented on-line petition drives, and Kerry didn’t refute that Dean’s drive started first.”

OK, Kerry is repeating the lie that Gore said he invented the Internet, AND saying that Gore “didn’t do so well.” How far out of touch with regular Democrats, and everything happening on the Internet, do you have to be to repeat THAT tired old widely-refuted smear, or to talk as if Gore lost? And what the hell is Kerry – a Democrat – doing repeating the “invented the Internet” line at all, even if it were actually true?

This might seem like a little thing, but to people like me who have lived with the online evolution of people’s thinking since the 2000 election, this is utterly inexcusable. This demonstrates why we need someone like Howard Dean who is IN touch, and not someone who, unfortunately, appears to have become a Washington-insulated, out-of-touch insider.

(I was already supporting Dean, but he REALLY grabbed me when he said, “What I want to know is, why are so many Democrats supporting a $350 billion tax cut when we have a huge deficit?”)