Other People Noticed

May 17 I left a comment to the May 13 post titled, Net Neutrality and the Blogad, saying,

Readers – I can’t verify whether these anti-regulation posts are from the same person or not. If not, it might show the kind of money being put into this campaign to simulate “grassroots.”

It looks like I wasn’t the only one with questions.
MyDD :: Fishy Commenters and Net Neutrality links to this post, Do Broadband Providers Employ Blog Comment Shills? which notices the same thing.

Over the past four or five months, I’ve noticed that a group of commenters to blog posts related to network neutrality tend to say the same things over and over again. What’s interesting is that there’s a core group of the same commenters that show up time and again saying the same things (although not always phrased the same way) repeatedly.

At MyDD, Matt writes,

There’s nothing wrong with commercial speech, and it’s even questionable that financial disclosures are terribly important. But hanging around in comment threads pretending to be a gang of ordinary citizens commenting on an issue while actually operating as a paid lobbying or marketing operation is probably over some unstated ethical line.

What do YOU think?

2 thoughts on “Other People Noticed

  1. Sounds like Astroturf to me. Much as I would love to see more comment traffic, I don’t want any of that junk.

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