Orange County is ROCKING!

Gary’s report is from CA-48, where Steve Young is hoping for an upset in a special Congressional election today. Gary is working to help get out the vote. — DJ
Well we had about 150 people turn out to walk precincts, hang literature and knock on doors. If someone is home we ask them if they’ve voted yet and if not why not. By the end of the day we will have put in approximately 600 manhours walking precincts in CA-48.

We started going out at 7:00 A.M. to stand on corners at busy intersections holding up Steve Young signs. I went down to the intersection of Bryan Ave & Jamboree Road with Willie and Miriam. After a short while I got bored .  .  .

So I went back to my car and got a black and red magic marker and turned my Steve Young sign inside out. I made a new and improved sign that said in very large letters:


which is exactly what the t-shirt I am wearing says. I held my sign up as high over my head as I could. Miriam is an annatopia doppleganger and she ran across the street, jerked my sign out of my hands and in bright red letters wrote on the other side:


Some people’s kids! That’s not exactly what I would have written on the other side of my BUCK FUSH sign.

My sign was quite popular in Tustin. I got a roughly equal share of thumbs up and middle fingers. Nobody else could see which signal the driver of the vehicle was flashing. So no matter which signal I received, I help up my thumb very high and screamed:


After about thirty minutes a very nice officer from the Tustin Police Department showed up. Apparently a couple of people had called them to complain about some joker holding up a vulgar sign. After about thirty minutes the nice police officer told Willie that he had to move from the median over to a corner. No problem.

I continued to hold my BUCK FUSH sign high over my head and give the thumbs up signal every time a motorist honked, gave me a thumbs up, or flipped me the bird.

Guess who got a ticket?


After about thirty minutes Willie decided to change corners to catch more traffic. When the left turn signal for vehicles came on, Willie left the corner and about half way to the median, the little white guy lit up on the traffic signal and Willie continued across the intersection. The nice police officer gave Willie a ticket for crossing against the light.  

Would anyone care to guess what Willie’s race is and why the nice police officer didn’t say a word to the rude white guy holding up the BUCK FUSH sign?

As it turns out, Willie had a very similar problem in San Diego a couple of days ago. Willie was circulating a petition at a Ralph’s grocery store. He was arrested and spent three days in jail.

Well, we’re going out again about 2:30 and I’m definitely taking my BUCK FUSH sign with me. I’m not sure if Willie wants to go out with me again this afternoon. Willie may have had enough excitement for one week.