Optimistic? No Reason To Be.

I’ve been reading bloggers who are already writing a post-mortem on Bush and even conservatism. Sheesh. Right-wingers control the House, the Senate, the White House, the Courts, the FBI, the CIA and the military. Bush can pardon anyone he wants to. Federalist Society judges can block anything they want to. The rest of the government can refuse to investigate Republicans if they want to.
Serving to remind us all of these facts, this happened YESTERDAY:Congress OKs Gun Industry Lawsuit Shield,

Congress gave the gun lobby its top legislative priority Thursday, passing a bill protecting the firearms industry from massive crime-victim lawsuits.
President Bush said he will sign it. [. . .] Under the measure, a half-dozen pending lawsuits by local governments against the industry would be dismissed. Anti-gun groups say some lawsuits filed by individuals could be thrown out, too.
The Senate passed the bill in July. … The bill’s passage was the NRA’s top legislative priority and would give Bush and his Republican allies on Capitol Hill a rare victory at a time when some top GOP leaders are under indictment or investigation.

Nothing has changed. In fact, indictments and bad news could force the Right to play its hand, and free itself from the few remaining burdensome restrictions of operating as if we were still a democracy. These are not people who like to allow mere technicalities like that to get in their way. Up to now the appearance of democracy has been convenient. But perhaps it is becoming inconvenient. And there are trillions of dollars and decades in prison at stake.

5 thoughts on “Optimistic? No Reason To Be.

  1. Certainly if Rove and Cheney aren’t indicted, the White House wil go back to exactly the way it was before the investigation heated up.

  2. hate to say it but you’re right..
    I would also mention that they control the voting technology and legislative control of same.

  3. LOVE the heading of this post, Dave – and the rest as well of course! You are so right! I mean – what BushCo have been getting away in the last nearly 5 years defies belief, and who’s to say that they’ll survive this nearly intact ..

  4. Yeah, we’ve got no reason to start counting those hatching chickens yet. Not only do they control everything, but the democrats don’t seem to have anything sensible to offer the public as an alternative. Are they simply too dispirited to get their act together, or is there a total lack of leadership — on both sides?

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