Operation Offset – the Republican jihad against government continues

The Republican Party appears to be run by ideological nitwits bent on using any excuse possible to push their agenda of eliminating federal programs and services that serve anyone other than rich people and business (or function as political pork). The vast majority of Americans support programs like Medicare, federal assistance for college, the CDC, AIDS prevention, etc. etc. These twits need to be send packing, they need to be shown up for the fringe nutcakes they are – every last one of them, just about. Note the “war” language, too – these guys clearly don’t get it. The era of a “war on government” (hell, a “war” on anything, at this point) is over. The American people want effective government that serves the interest of the broad mass of the people.
Via MoveOn.Org:
The Republican proposal, titled “Operation Offset,” was authored by the Republican Study Committee, a group of over 100 influential members of Congress, including powerful committee chairs and members of the Republican leadership.
Here are just some of the most egregious cuts:
* $225 billion cut from Medicaid, the last-resort health insurance program for the very poor.
* $200 billion cut from Medicare, the health care safety net for the elderly and the disabled.
* $25 billion cut from the Centers for Disease Control
* $6.7 billion cut from school lunches for poor children
* $7.5 billion cut from programs to fight global AIDS
* $5.5 billion to eliminate all funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
* $3.6 billion cut to eliminate the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities
* $8.5 billion cut to eliminate all subsidized loans to graduate students.
* $2.5 billion cut from Amtrak
* $2.5 billion to eliminate the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative
* $417 million cut to eliminate the Minority Business Development Agency
* $4.8 billion cut to eliminate all funding for the Safe and Drug-Free schools program

The Democrats need to pound the (bleep!) out of the Republicans with this, in 2006 and 2008.
Again, I see TV commercials, so many of them that viewers can recite them by heart, inescapable…
Images of Katrina disaster victims, white and black, in New Orleans and Mississippi – esp. folks on the highway overpass. Images of Houston evacues, stalled on the highway. Portentous music, like that on CSI.
“In the face of national disaster, what was the Republican Party’s response? Budget cuts.”
Flash a picture of the collapsed N.O. leevee.
“Over 100 Republican leaders in Congress proposed cutting or completely eliminating funding for Medicare, student loans for college, the Center for Disease Control, even drug use prevention programs for schools.”
Hmm… not sure how exactly to put it over, but you get the idea…

2 thoughts on “Operation Offset – the Republican jihad against government continues

  1. You’d better really worry about that gigantic cut to the CDC, which is our first line of defense against epidemics. With SARS and avian flu in the wings, plus god knows what else, this is not funny. As for the cut in medicare, that’s somewhat offset by the gigantic increase in what the elderly have to pay for it, which comes right out of their Social Security benefit, no chance to refuse to pay it. Many of the other cuts hit those who have survived the hurricanes, a real disaster for them.
    What they’re not cutting they’re trashing anyway. Look at what happened to FEMA.

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