Open Letter to Kerry

From Eschaton:

“Dear Senator Kerry,

We write this open letter as a group of bloggers whose audience you

respect enough that you advertise on our web sites.

We are deeply disturbed that former staff members of your campaign and

other Dean rivals now working at the so-called “Americans for Jobs,

Health Care and Progressive Values” have resorted to the Willie Horton

campaign tactic of linking Howard Dean to Osama Bin Laden. Vigorous

competition among Democrats is expected and welcome, but all

Democratic leaders should denounce these kinds of tactics.

Given your staff link to this attack through your former press

secretary, Robert Gibbs—the new group’s spokesman— we feel it is

incumbent on you and your campaign to make it clear that this kind of

attack is unacceptable. Otherwise, there will be the appearance of

covert cooperation by your campaign in supporting this effort.

If your campaign does not make clear that you have no link to this

scurrilous attack, all of us will have to reevaluate our willingness

to allow advertising by your campaign on our web sites.

We don’t expect to have to make that decision, since we have faith in

your integrity and expect you to quickly make clear your denunciation

of this destructive and anti-democratic operation.


Atrios- Eschaton

Jeralyn Merritt- Talk Left

Nathan Newman-

Oliver Willis- Oliver Willis

Jesse Taylor and Ezra Klein- Pandagon

Add me to the list (except that I don’t take advertising anyway):

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