1 thought on “Open Left Is Closing

  1. We’ve seen Mario Cuoumo lose his bid as a editorialist. The same with Charles Grodin. We’ve seen Air America fail, and not just because they had to steal from orphans to pay the idiot Al Franken’s fat salary. NPR is struggling despite partial public funding. The NYTs, Newsweek and Time are having to make major cut-backs to to drops in circulation (and compared to other publications it’s not only because of the internet).
    And now Open Left.
    You have one part of the equation right: lack of money.
    But money comes from readers who buy the publication or from advertisers who advertise anywhere there’s an audience.
    The people, overwhelmingly, don’t want to read, listen or watch leftist outlets like the above or MSNBC (which is why the management cut itself free from the anchor around the network’s neck, Olbermann); because their expressed ideas are idiotic, seriously at odds with reality, and crazy.
    Free speech, free airwaves and free internet are killing the left in this country. Which is why you guys support free speech-killing or controlling measures like net neutrality, the “fairness” doctrine, and Campaign Finance Reform. You simply cannot win the debate on equal footing so you have to control or burn down the debate hall.

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