1 thought on “Online Integrity?

  1. Huh? Who cares if they link to Malkin? The only way this might be a scam is if wingnuts set it up to prove that lefty blogs are truly uncivil, frothing, fever swamps.
    One of my pet peeves is how lefty bloggers play into this stereotype. For instance, no matter how offensive the ideas expressed on righty blogs, no matter how bigoted or hateful, righty bloggers can point to the fact that their most popular blogs are generally devoid of profanity. Similarly, traditional journalists and pundits can rationalize ignoring lefty blogs.
    Now, I, personally, am not offended by profanity. But why let beltway airheads compare Kos to LGF, or dismiss the excellent analyses at firedoglake? Why give the WaPo editors an excuse to slam the left?
    I see a similar dynamic playing out with Online Integrity. After the complete ethical meltdown of the GOP, are going to give rightie bloggers an excuse to act superior?

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