Ongoing Questions – Keeping Them In Your Face

Why won’t Bush release those SEC files that he says clear up all the questions about his Harken transactions? And what about the minutes of the Harken Board meetings, so we can find out if Bush approved of the Aloha Petroleum scam?

Did Bush pay taxes on that Harken loan money?

Did Bush pay taxes when he sold the Texas Rangers?

Why isn’t there an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION of Harken and Haliburton?

Why isn’t there an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION of what we knew, and where we failed, regarding 9/11? (See Bartcop today, “Partners in Crime”)

Why aren’t there any jobs programs for people whose unemployment benefits are running out?

Who is our economy for?

What Bush Says Now – What Bush Did Then. (I know, it’s not a question, but it does start with the word “what.”)