One MORE Thing Telling The World We’re Criminals

In the post below I talk about how Wall Street stole hundreds of millions in the LinkeIn IPO. Here’s another story that tells the world we are criminals. The corruption is everywhere.
Lance Armstrong’s former inner cycling circle turning on him – ESPN

After all these years, all these miles and all the suspicion, it’s still somewhat astonishing to see the cars on the old Blue Train uncoupling one by one. This may forever be remembered as the week when Lance Armstrong finally lost control over the U.S. Postal Service cycling team that formally disbanded years ago.
One of Armstrong’s most prominent support riders from early on in his seven-year reign as Tour de France champion, Tyler Hamilton, admitted to his own doping past and has given the CBS newsmagazine “60 Minutes” an alleged eyewitness account of Armstrong using performance-enhancing drugs that will air on Sunday evening.

When will this country start enforcing laws again? We even let torture and illegally invading a country slide. Never mind enforcing mine safety, food inspection, labor, age-discrimination, bank fraud…

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