Once Again, Democrats Not Invited

GOP Leaders Eulogize The 40th President.

This was a “state funeral.” But only Republicans were invited. And some ex-heads of state from other countries. Presidents Carter and Clinton, for example, were excluded. So ex-heads of foreign states attend a STATE FUNERAL, held in the US CAPITAL ROTUNDA, but not former Presidents of the United States, which has been the tradition until now. Yet barely a mention in the press.

Compare the Democrats’ response to this nasty snub with the way Paul Wellstone’s funeral was handled. The Republicans used that as a political stunt, and took back the Senate as a result. But the Democrats don’t even mention what the Republicans have done here — thereby ACCEPTING being excluded from the life of the country! ACCEPTING the Right’s politicization and division of everything in American life. Well they are supposed to represent ME, and are failing me by accepting that the Republicans exclude me and the rest of my half of the country from participating in America.

They are being clear about this, it is THEIR country, not OUR country. Democrats are NOT invited to participate in America anymore.

Update – another story, “CLINTON FURIOUS AT REAGAN SNUB