On Paul Hackett Leaving the Senate Race

Karl Rove Punked Paul Hackett and his Followers by Hesiod. Go read. (And as with all Kos diaries, recommend if you want to bring it to wider attention.)
To be clear, Hackett would have been a GREAT candidate. He is a conservative Dem. Sherrod Brown is a Progressive Dem. I was neutral in that primary race. But now,

Whatever the truth of that charge is, Hackett is deliberately sabotaging Brown’s Senatorial campaign.

Here’s the thing. If you aren’t voting for a Democrat, you are helping put a Republican in. There is no way around that argument right now and it makes a huge difference to the world. If Republicans retain that seat it is one more vote for killing hundreds of thousands in Iraq and around the world, spying on us and calling us traitors, getting rid of pensions and health insurance, shipping jobs out of the country, killing off unions and all the other wonderful things Republicans bring. We must band together to fight the “conservative movement.” After they’re gone, then we can go after each other.

5 thoughts on “On Paul Hackett Leaving the Senate Race

  1. I read the Hesiod link. Great stuff. I particularly like the part where he says that Sherrod Brown would have no motivation to “swift boat” her primary opponent, Paul Hackett, because she wasn’t really trying to win the nomination, but secretly wanted Hackett to run for Congress.
    How naive are you people?
    All the whining about Carl Rove’s “dirty tactics” were also very enjoyable. I love the sound of liberals crying.
    Thanks for the link.

  2. At least we have the advantage of a terrible case of Hubris beginning to set in, to the point where even the Republicans in Congress and the saner conservatives are beginning to sober up. But yeah, if the alternative is to vote for a Republican, vote for the Democrat. The Democrats have a tradition of attacking each other, and it’s time to save that for later.

  3. Granny, Interesting article. If you and the author believe a political organization can be destroyed by false rumors of “insufficient devotion to antiracist or feminist politics”, then I’m afraid you’re missing the point. Structures are supported by foundations. Weak foundations are easily undermined. Rumor could do it, lean financial times could do it, boredom or lack of time could do it. The point is, the value system that says you judge each other by your appropriate level of devotion to antiracist or feminist politics is vain and corrupt at the core. They were going to fail, no matter what. Regarding my insulting people here: I try to be an antagonist, but not insulting. It can be a fine line, and if I cross it in my posts to you, I would appreciate it if you point it out to me. I will offer a quick and sincere apology, and move on to the next debate. Honestly, I thought I went over the line a couple of times, and have dialed it back a notch in the last few days. But no one wants to debate with a push over, so I will continue to attempt to keep it lively and hopefully witty at times.

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