ON HIS WATCH: Katrina == 9/11 == Iraq == Bird Flu

With the serious threat from Bird Flu on the horizon and in light of the Bush administration’s very public lack of preparedness for responding to hurricane Katrina (not to mention lack of a plan for occupying Iraq) I think it’s time to revisit Bush’s pre-9/11failures. The public might be ready to accept that Bush let us down back then just as much as with Kartina, took his eye off the ball, cared more about politics than protecting the public, listened to political hacks instead of career professionals, and allowed his vacation to interfere with understanding what “bin Laden determined to strike in US” meant.
Katrina == 9/11.
(Long sentence, short sentence thing…)

2 thoughts on “ON HIS WATCH: Katrina == 9/11 == Iraq == Bird Flu

  1. It was not the case that there was a “lack of a plan for occupying Iraq”. There was a plan. The Bushies threw it out!

  2. I am beginning to wonder if our President is a end timer nut and just does not give a fuck because in his twisted mind he is to be snatched up by the Lord.

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