On His Watch

Furor over Bush’s 9/11 ad

“After 3,000 people were murdered on his watch, it seems to me that that takes an awful lot of audacity. Honestly, it’s in poor taste.’ – Kristen Breitweiser, with her husband’s ring.”

I’d like to see a TV ad with this script:

“3000 people were killed on his watch, our worst national tragedy, when he was on vacation. He had already taken more time off than any president before him, but he went to his ranch in Texas, after he had been warned by the FBI, by the CIA and by the outgoing Clinton Administration, that we could be attacked at any time.

Before 9/11 Bush blocked funding for anti-terrorism. He blocked the FBI from looking into the bin Laden family and other Saudi connections to terrorism.

After 9/11 Bush used the attack for politics. He used it to justify a war with Iraq they had been planning all along. He used it to influence the 2002 elections. He even used it to justify more tax cuts for the rich.

And since 9/11 Bush has been doing everything he can to block investigations into how we let ourselves get attacked, into where our intelligence failed and what we can do to improve things.

This happened on his watch. Why isn’t anyone held accountable? Why won’t he take responsibility for ANYTHING?”

Make suggestions for changes to this script. Maybe we can get something going, raise some money to put it on the air.

I don’t want to let him get away with using 9/11 again.