On His Watch

Bush Defends His Sept. 11 Ads, Economic Policies:

“Despite pressure from Sept. 11 families and firefighters, Bush said he ‘will continue to speak about the effects of 9/11 on our country and my presidency.’

I have an obligation to those who died. I have an obligation to those who were heroic in their attempts to rescue (the victims). And I won’t forget that obligation,’ Bush said.

But he added: ‘How this administration handled that day, as well as the war on terror, is worthy of discussion. And I look forward to discussing that with the American people. And I look forward to the debate about who best to lead this country in the war on terror.’ “

An OBLIGATION to exploit their tragedy for political gain? WTF does that mean?

This happened on his watch. He shouldn’t be bragging about it.

UpdateGeorge W. Bush acts like he’s entitled to treat the remains of a dead man like a souvenir. Maybe he feel this way because it happened ON HIS WATCH.