Oil You Can’t See Is Still Toxic

Gulf Oil Spill: Latest Federal Government Estimate Still Understates Oil Flow.
Where is our government?
ALSO, and this is important, see A Proliferation of Plumes?

… preliminary body of evidence suggesting that some of the oil — no one knows what proportion — is dissolving into the water and forming huge plumes of dispersed oil droplets beneath the surface. This is worrisome because it raises the possibility that sea life, including commercially important species of fish, could be exposed to a greater load of toxins than conventional models of oil spills would suggest.

The chemicals BP is using don’t get rid of the oil, they make it invisible, but it is still there, still toxic, still killing aquatic life. This is one possible source of the giant “plumes.”
We need monitoring craft to test for hydrocarbons in the water that have been rendered invisible, in order to assess the damage. Do you think BP will give Obama permission to do that?