Oh, Please!

A line toward the end of this story, Dean Now Courting Party Insiders (washingtonpost.com), says:

While Dean has criticized Bush for relying on fundraisers known as “Rangers,” who collect at least $200,000, and “Pioneers” who round up $100,000, Dean has his own roster of party insiders raising big bucks. [. . .] In early September, Lofgren raised more than $200,000, the largest amount collected for Dean’s campaign at a single event. The fundraiser at her home was attended by more than 1,300 people, some of whom donated $1,000 each.

Oh, please! I was at that event, and I paid I think $35.

If there were 1,300 people there, and she raised $200,000 … well, I guess any of us can do the math better than the Washington Post can.

It is OUTRAGEOUS that the Post compares this to Bush’s high-dollar corporate contributors, who in turn receive huge government handouts!