You’re just not going to believe this outrage!!! Two men got on a school bus!!!!! This is just incredible!!!!!
It’s a good thing the sentries are on duty, keeping watch to guard and protect us!!!!!!!!!
Imagine the widespread alarm and outrage that we would see all over the right-wing blogosphere if they looked like Timothy McVeigh!!!!!!!!!!!
Update – What some of what the RW blogs wrote, because two young Saudi guys got on a school bus:

Pay no attention to the towels atop the heads or the box cutters in the pockets of these fine gentlemen.

Unlike Islam, Christianity and Judaism do not preach taqiyah (deception of Infidels and non-believers). And they don’t send people to scout out the possibility of attacks on school buses or airplanes.

We keep letting these @$$holes in… It’s just a matter of time before they get us.

Picture of WTC burning

Terrorists are already among us. Let’s deal with questionable people in a consistent and forceful way. Step out of line while on a student visa, and you’re gone. Any other policy leaves us vulnerable. Can we be sure that the quota system from Saudi Arabia for students is not a conduit by which future terrorists can better understand their enemy?

this is more likely a test run for a Beslan-type scenario.

We have plenty of reason to be concerned about possible terrorism operatives in south Florida.

Nope. These two don’t fit any profile for potential terrorists. … Yeeeeeeah. Pull the other one, Ahmed. … Nope. No reason to even REMOTELY suspect that they might have ties to the Jumpin’ Jihadis™.

This incident has all the hallmarks of a terrorist rehearsal. A full dress rehearsal in fact–checking access, routes, and reactions.

Was this deliberate to show how easy it is for possible ‘illegals up to no good’ to have access to America’s children? I wonder…. above are their photos.

What if they were to memorize the identities of the students and then start stalking them? … This is not good, because there’s every chance that any of these students could be terrorist moles.


6 thoughts on “OH MY GOD!

  1. I guess it’s dangerous for any student from the Middle-East to study in Florida. On the one hand, nobody who doesn’t belong on a school bus should be allowed on a school bus without a good explanation to the bus driver — who should ask. On the other hand, these two kids have now had their bail revoked, according to TV news this morning, and the only reason for all the suspicion is because they’re from Saudi Arabia. They’re legally in this country, and I thought Saudi Arabia was supposed to be our “friend.”
    Is the entire country this nuts, or is it mainly Florida?

  2. I write as the parent of a 10th and a 6th grader. Sorry, but any males aged 20 and 23, regardless of nationality, creed, race, sexual orientation, height&weight, or hair style and hair color, who get on a high school bus illegitimately need to be thoroughly investigated. The irregular nature of their trespass, potentially putting at risk a bus full of defenseless teens, and getting them somewhat covert access to a school, should lead to a thorough review of their possible intentions, their origins and backgrounds, any criminal history, and so on.
    I suppose I have seen “Dirty Harry” once too often to trust anyone who doesn’t belong on a school bus. But then again, if the larger public learns that getting on a school bus without permission is a big societal no-no here, that is all to the good.

  3. This proves that ignorance comes from lack of information. Unless you are just ignoring the information you don’t like, then that makes you something far worse than an idiot.
    The two men were not denied bale simply for being Saudis. They were denied for having conflicting stories and being caught in several lies.
    First they claimed to be from Morocco, but later admitted being from Saudi Arabia. Neither could give a clear reason for being on the bus and their stories didn’t even match. Both defendants gave several versions of the reason they took a school bus to a high school
    If the above isn’t enough to make you suspicious you are is serious denial.

  4. You’re right, Dave. Two grown Saudi men getting on a high school bus in south Florida in late May wearing shorts and a trenchcoat, and later lying about their country of origin, seems fairly routine to me. I haven’t seen the wingnuts this worked up since those CDs were found on freedom fighters in Iraq showing school school bus routes and school emergency procedures for US schools a year or so back. Paranoid freaks!
    There is no way in hell this is a dry run for a terrorist attack–that’s just silly talk–and all of this faux concern exposes the wingnuts as the lunatics that they are… and bigots too! I mean, nobody would look twice if a WHITE Hussein-sympathizing militia type like Tim McVeigh got on a school bus full of kids in South Florida ‘s sweltering heat wearing shorts and a trenchcoat. Those right-wingers are just a bunch of racist nuts!
    Keep speaking truth to power brother! The country would be so much safer with the wingnuts out of power so that we could worry about other things besides 20-something Saudi males getting on school buses on which they don’t belong wearing trenchcoats in 95 degree weather then lying about their origin…

  5. During a routine traffic stop, the cop found, among the usual tangle of stuff in my pockets, my prescription bottle which I had had filled a couple of days ago.
    The presence of this controlled substance caused him to call another cop for backup and my son and I being questioned.
    When our stories did not “match”, we ended up talking with a supervisor and having to call my physician and my pharmacist to confirm the script had been filled as written and I was authorized to have the prescription.
    Later, I found my son denied knowing that I had the prescription on me and I said he was with me when I had it filled (he waited in the car)
    It does not take much for two people under interrogation to have stories that do not “match” by police standards.

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