Off With His Head!

Smoking gun memo: Impeachable Offense
Update – For those concerned… “Off with his head!” is from, I think, Alice and Wonderland. It is a reference to the days of kings and absolute power. It means throw him out. I am not recommending that anyone actually behead Bush.

3 thoughts on “Off With His Head!

  1. Is there any offence which is impeachable under this administration? The Bushies get away with everything after all!

  2. Anyone have any thoughts about who set off the bomb(s) in front of the British Consulate in NYC this morning? I just happened to be up and caught the hysterical attempts as spin vs eyewitness reports as this developed. Spin’s so much more important than figuring anything out or solving anything. While they’re telling us it was a “toy grenade” they’ve still got a 16 block area closed off.

  3. Even if you were (advocating off with his head) it’s not a vital organ so no biggie.

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