Of Course

Digby found something that makes me say “of course.”

Preface: what’s the STF Rule? When The Party is accusing you should look to see if it’s what they’re doing. And they’re accusing Newsweek of causing riots. Well guess what? The Washington Times recently printed a cartoon showing a US soldier patting a dog on the head, and on the dog was written “Pakistan.” Which is what caused the riots. Oh, go read at Hullabaloo.

But that’s not all. What ELSE has the Right been accusing others of?

And, of course, guess what. Tongsun Park. Are you old enough to remember that name? Brought to you by the Moonies. Yes, the Washington Times, major right-wing funding, vowed-to-destroy-Christianity Moonies…

1 thought on “Of Course

  1. Figures, doesn’t it? Of course a cartoon that insulting would offend to the point of causing riots.
    I canceled my subscription to Newsweek years ago because of the way they treated Clinton. They’ve never given up trying to get me back. I got an offer in the mail today. I’m tempted to subscribe just to support them, but exactly what would I be supporting?

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