October Surprise

Right on schedule we’ve had our two terrorist warnings now.

Will they help Bush? Were they intended to help him? I have no idea. I can’t read Osama’s mind,

and I can’t read the mind of the American people either. We’ve been waiting for months for something

fishy to show up, and now we have it.

Pray for the Kerry spin doctors — let’s hope they’re up to the job. So far the Bush spin hasn’t been

too powerful, but it usually takes them a few days to saturate the media. The Osama tape came at

almost exactly the right time for Bush, if his guys succeed in winning the spin war. He sure needs

the help.

I have no evidence, but I can’t help suspecting that both warnings were fake — Rove’s magnum opus.

(Did they unload a couple of the loose billions floating around Iraq on Osama?).

But probably that’s just me.