I ask everyone to please read the diary Daily Kos: Vegetables of Mass Destruction – Obesity: Whose Fault? and remember to recommend it. It is important to your health to understand what she is writing.
I am working on something that touches on this, about what I call “marketing diseases.” I think obesity is a marketing disease. Wanting a new car is a marketing disease. Debt is a marketing disease. Global warming is a marketing disease. The corporate Right’s mantra of “personal responsibility” really means pitting isolated individuals against billions of dollars of research into marketing and psychological manipulation…

4 thoughts on “Obesity

  1. That’s a very good article and it raises important issues.
    You’re quite right about marketing diseases and I hope you’ll follow up on that.

  2. o I need a car, because the “barge” I drive is unreliable and has a rusted out roof. I dont “want a new car.” Well, a new Prious would be nice but I don’t have to have a new car for reasons of self-image.

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