Obama Debate Position – I Don’t Get It

Why is the Obama campaign turning down McCain’s offer of ten real debates? I don’t get it.
Obama’s campaign countered with an offer of four infotainment shows – the nonsense “debates” we all hate, and one “townhall” infotainment event.
I don’t get it. It’s not like they have any reason to be worried about how Obama would do.

5 thoughts on “Obama Debate Position – I Don’t Get It

  1. Welcome to politics as usual – a candidate sacrificing principles for what his/her advisors tell them is a better.. first Obama promises to take public financing, and now will be the first candidate not to take it, with some mumbo jumbo about “my campaign is already publicly financed..”.
    Now, because Obama does better with prepared speeches, and McCain does better in a free-for-all, and because Obama got nailed in the last debate with Clinton because he actually had to answer questions about his ideas, he is averring from public debates – its a defensive posture, trying to run out the clock. But more to the point – welcome to your candidate getting sucked into politics as usual..

  2. You don’t get it? Did you not research what these ‘debates’ entailed? John McCain just decided to schedule invitation (By him) only town hall debate forums and then demand Obama show up. These aren’t REAL town hall debates where everyone in town comes and asks questions. They are Republican rallies where John McCain determines who is allowed in and who gets to ask questions (as well as, in all likelihood, what they get to ask).
    So yea, Obama turned down a rigged game. Obama would have to display immense stupidity throw away his cash advantage, culled from millions of small donors, and to engage someone 6-8% points behind him in the polls. Even without those factors, though, Obama would have to be a fool to engage in these ‘debates’.

  3. I think the last comment is the case. Obama would be stupid to accept his opponent’s selection of venue. An independent arbitrator should be doing a neutral sort of format. Whatever happened to the League of Women Voters?

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