NY Times, For The Record

For the record, the NY Times story has an out-of-context portion of what was said. The converstation was that there were more press and politicians than people attending – which of course was true because yesterday was the “pre” day. YearlyKos didn’t officially start until later with Kos’ talk. In a longer conversation I said that because I had posted something about Nancy Skinner on my blog 10,000 more people are here now just for that one small piece of it.
My point was about the virtuality of all of this – the community around YearlyKos is very large, even if only some of us can afford to attend in person. This is an important part of what is happening with the “netroots” experience. The NY Times can try to make that look silly if they want to – we’re here.
Here’s a pic from Markos’ talk:

2 thoughts on “NY Times, For The Record

  1. Well, having just read the NY Times article and
    using it’s link to look at your blog, I went to
    the trouble of signing up with TypeKey just to
    comment that I did *not* feel the NY Times was
    making things there look silly. That’s it.
    Now I have an account and yet another password,
    and it was just to clarify that, at least to *this*
    NY Times reader, your comment was not taken as “silly”, nor was the focus of the article.
    (signed) marc

  2. My first reaction when I read the “quote” of what Dave “said” was “Dave, you didn’t _really_ say that, did you?”
    Just the opinion of *this* non-NYT reader (which may explain the difference in our perceptions).

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