NY Times and Right Wing Framing

Just the headline: Fragile Hopes for Bipartisan Rescue of Social Security – New York Times
“Rescue?” The Social Security trust fund is solvent – no problems at all. But the NY Times story talks about “the long-term fiscal problems in Social Security.”
This framing of “going broke” and needing “rescue” comes from a long-term strategy to get rid of Social Security by portraying it as a “ponzi scheme,” “going broke,” “needing to be fixed,” etc. This strategy was laid out in a 1983 Cato Institute document. The document even describes the strategy as “Leninist.”
Do not be fooled. There is nothing wrong with Social Security, it is not “going broke,” there is no need to “fix” it. It is solvent, and will continue to provide retirement, disability and other benefits to Americans without changes.

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