NY Conference on Religious Right’s Agenda

I just came across this. I can’t make it, but I want people to know about it: Examining the Real Agenda of the Religious Far Right – a Conference
Found through TheocracyWatch. Also, they have a good page on Taking Over the Republican Party.
(I’ve been prowling the web for more info on Dominionists since I realized that They Mean It.)

4 thoughts on “NY Conference on Religious Right’s Agenda

  1. I’ve been thinking about going to this conference and haven’t made up my mind yet. They’ve put together an impressive list of speakers.
    I ran into a truly weird development, I think inspired by the realization that the new Pope’s theology is almost identical to that of the more rabid leaders of the Religious Right and the Rapture crowd. Remember the flap over Jack Van Impe and whether he was advising Bush? He said he was. He’s suddenly become a Roman Catholic!
    “Van Impe explains his conversion to embracing the Roman Catholic Church – compares his conversion to the conversion of the Apostle Paul.
    He states that he was once a right-wing fundamentalist who put down Catholics but now he has been converted.
    This commentary documents the current agenda in the church to promote a number of popular trends that are preparing Christians to embrace an experiential, liturgical, sacramental and extrabiblical form of Christianity that may well be a bridge to the Roman Catholic Church and eventually a one-world religion.”
    This is something to keep an eye on!

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