Nuclear Option Mass Response

From People For the American Way:

“Nuclear Option” Mass Immediate Response
Please take a moment to fill out the short form below to sign up for our “Nuclear Option” Mass Immediate Response. By giving us your cell phone number, we will text message you as soon as Senate Republicans trigger the “nuclear option.” Embedded in that text message will be a link to the Senate switchboard. With the push of a couple buttons, your call – along with thousands of others – goes right through to the corridors of power demanding preservation of the filibuster.
This is a brand new technology, and this is the first time it is being used on a large scale. (Don’t worry: we will NEVER send you spam or disclose your number to anyone else; in fact, we won’t even send you any more text messages without first sending you an e-mail like this one, asking you to opt in.)


3 thoughts on “Nuclear Option Mass Response

  1. I’m with you David….the largest demonstration that DC has ever seen, along with demonstrations in major cites.
    And this is not fucking nostalgia for the 60s..a period I grew up in and hated.
    Rather, it is a simple and effective way to demonstrate you have some skin in the fight.
    Let the blogs put the word out and lead in the organizing of it. It would be a first…the blogs organizing a series of demonstrations.

  2. Nuclear Option — Nuclear Response, Great idea!
    I agree — out into the streets!

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