NRDC “exploding myths” about drilling in ANWR

An excerpt from a letter recently sent me by the NRDC (the image below is a thumbnail of a larger map with much more detail that is available on their site in PDF format) – very useful information, graphic and detailed:

In the meantime, the NRDC Action Fund is hard at work exploding many of the myths that the oil lobby and the Bush administration are trying to sell Congress and the American people. First and foremost is their claim that drilling in the Arctic Refuge would disturb only 2,000 acres of wildlife habitat in the 1.5-million-acre coastal plain.

Check out the map below to see for yourself why oil development could easily industrialize and despoil the entire expanse of this irreplaceable sanctuary for wildlife. Clicking on the map will take you to a larger map and a fuller explanation on the Action Fund website.


3 thoughts on “NRDC “exploding myths” about drilling in ANWR

  1. My kitchen table only takes up four square inches of my condo. That is the math they are using for the 2000 acres, if it doesn’t touch the ground it doesn’t count.

  2. I have had enough of you enviro whack jobs. This country runs on oil, perhaps you haven’t noticed that small fact. Developing our own oil supplies makes us less dependent on foreign sources. The wildlife will survive. Drilling technology does not require that you be over the top of the “reserve” We are going to drill so get used to the idea.

  3. Why do the mindless Republican dupes always enter swinging their elbows around. Get out the way, coming through, get used to it lol. Such dullards. Why do they suppose the selfish thuggish politicians are on their side, isn’t that an oxymoron? Morons!

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