Now Things Get Dangerous

Kerry did very well, and even the Republicans admit it. Bush kept repeating “mixed messages” as he was supposed to but the focus-group magic didn’t seem to work so well this time. Bush is actually everything we’ve all been saying — a spoiled rich-guy who has always had someone show up and bail him out, and consequently hadn’t prepped for the debate — he kept expecting $150,000,000 of “flip-flop” ads to have already eliminated this guy — or maybe he just couldn’t believe that after being hit by that kind of money Kerry even showed up.

So what happens now? We can let up a bit from worrying that the election is going to just continue rolling down a path toward Bush actually winning more votes than Kerry. After this debate it does not look very good for Bush. But are the Republicans going to accept that things are turning against them in the election? Are the corporations that have been enjoying no-bid open-ended defense contracts and huge subsidies and tax breaks going to calmly start figuring out how to make an honest living? Are Tom Delay and Dennis Hastert ready to loosen their hold on the balls of the Ethics Committee and take their medicine?

No, now is when they get dangerous. How many people do you think are going to jail if the Republicans lose their power over the Justice Department and the FBI and the investigative committees of the House and Senate? How many of them stand to lose their heads to raving mobs if there is ever an audit of what has been happening to the Treasury since Bush took office?

Nope. Now is when they get dangerous. You think the Swift Boat Vets smears were bad?

Watch your backs.