Now It Really Starts

Now the attack on Clarke is really getting started.

In Murdoch’s (owner of Fox News) New York Post NYERS: CLARKE’S GAIN, OUR PAIN it’s the “9/11 families fuming” at Clarke. Some samples:

“‘We believe it inappropriate for [him] to profit from and politicize 9/11 and further divide America by his testimony before the 9/11 commission.’

Retired FDNY firefighter Jim Boyle, who lent his name to the letter, ripped into Clarke, who served as a counterterrorism adviser to the past four presidents.

‘Richard Clarke is doing all of this to sell his book,’ said Boyle, whose Bravest son, Michael Boyle, died in the WTC. ‘What he’s doing isn’t right. He’s trying to make money off our pain. This was all orchestrated to benefit him,’ Boyle told The Post.

Retired FDNY Capt. John Vigiano Sr. said he’s ‘incensed’ with Clarke.

‘He’s all about promoting his book, plain and simple,’ said Vigiano Sr., whose sons John, a firefighter, and Joseph, a police officer, died in the WTC attacks. ‘It’s all about greed. He shouldn’t be doing this. He’s showing a lack of loyalty to the president. It’s awful.’

The blistering letter, signed by more than 36 people who lost loved ones in the WTC, came a day after the Senate’s top Republican, Bill Frist, accused Clark of an ‘appalling act of profiteering.’ “

Wow, signed by more than 36 people!

The whole article is like that – a simple phrase, repeated often. Note, it comes a day after a top Republican used the same phrase. And, in case you don’t understand about a simple phrase, repeated over and over, the headline at Drudge Report blares: SOURCES: CLARKE ‘TO EARN OVER $1 MILLION FOR BOOK’; CONTRACT: BONUSES ADDED

Something tells me we’re going to hear variations on this theme repeated all week. That, and the charge that the Democrats are politicizing 9/11.