Now isn’t that conveeenient?

Honestly, does anyone really believe this Calhoun guy?

He apparently was put in contact with the media by some of W’s sycophantic Republican supporters and, heck folks, his story even contradicts the written records they’ve presented already. Calhoun is now claiming W attended quite a few more drills in Alabama than W’s own military records say he did.

This seems even more suspicious considering that Calhoun is in Daytona for the 500 and W is going to be there on Sunday.

I can’t help but wonder if W will slip Calhoun the $100,000 briefcase in person on Sunday or if Karl Rove will do it for him.

Update 2/14/04 11:59 a.m. CST: Billmon is all over Calhoun’s unlikely story in this post.

Just as I thought, Calhoun is apparently just another loyal Republican trying to help Karl and the boys out.