Now Comcast Censoring Stations

Here’s another possible reason TV networks won’t put progressives on the air – the big media carriers will drop them. In Portland Oregon Comcast Decreases Customers’ Access to MSNBC – the week they announce they might start adding progressives, due to the ratings sucess of Olbermann.
Remember, Clear Channel refuses to allow their stations to play Dixie Chicks or Springsteen.
These are not business/profit-based decisions – unless you realize that the huge corporations that are doing this make more money from right-wing government decisions than from the business activities. So the “business” decision here is to work to get right-wing government in office.

1 thought on “Now Comcast Censoring Stations

  1. fuc me
    I just moved to Portland thinking I was moving to one of the nationss MOST progressive cities. I was right.
    Problem is COMCAST the areas largest cable provider does not support the progressive values of the majority of the residents of Portland.
    fuc me I guess I will just have to seek out a more content neutral provider for my TV and broadband internet service.
    darn…anyone have a link to Direct TV or whatever?

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