Nothing But Lies

I’m loaded down today reading weblogs and pundits complaining about hypocrisy from the Bush administration on one issue after another. Altercation writes, “The hypocrisy of this administration is absolutely mind-boggling and the mainstream media are its unindicted co-conspirators.” because the Bushies have been claiming they’re doing a lot of help AIDS in Africa, when they are actually doing nothing. Tbogg is upset that the Bushies are lying about WMD, contracting out the federal workforce, saving Private Lynch, etc. Democratic Veteran says they say they want to win the “Hearts and Minds” of Iraqis but aren’t DOING that, and saying we won in Iraq when we’re still fighting, and going after Iran, etc. In the New York Times Bob Herbert writes about the Bush tax bill saying it’s about job growth but having nothing in it that will grow jobs. And I just heard someone on a show say “and it just turns out that everything they were saying was lies.”

Come on! Don’t you get it? This is not hypocrisy or stupidity or incompetence – this is laying down a smokescreen of words to cover their real agenda. Get used to it – they just lie. Everyone gets worked up about the illogical arguments they make, and spends so much time and energy arguing with what the Bush people are SAYING and not much time effectively fighting what they are DOING. Gosh, do you think that’s part of their plan for getting things done?

Eschaton shows that he has a clue when he writes today, “At what point will our media just accept that they get nothing but lies?”

I’ll be writing about the influence on the right wingers of philosopher Leo Strauss soon. He taught that deception is necessary in politics – leaders should tell the people what they need to tell them to keep them calm and then do what they think is best. Oh yeah, there is a lot more. Here’s a good place to study up: Leo Strauss’ Philosophy of Deception