Not The Time To Talk About It?

Wow, every conservative I see and hear is saying the same thing: “this is not the time to talk about gun control.”
Some are even pretending to be outraged that anyone would bring up such a thing when the families are in mourning, etc.
Romney: Not The Right Time To Talk About Gun Control
Christie says now is not the time to talk gun laws, let families mourn
Someone posting on a message board:

… now is most emphatically NOT the time to talk about changing gun laws. … Now is the time to grieve and mourn, not the time to legislate.

Random Conservative blog: Not The Time,

I’ll say that guns did not kill 12 people and wound dozens more in Aurora, Colorado, an evil man did. But now is not the time to talk about guns. Now is the time to give our condolences to the families of the victims.

Too Soon! Howard Kurtz Whacks CNN for Talking Gun Control Hours After Shooting,

In his Sunday show Reliable Sources, CNN host Howard Kurtz smacked the network for debating gun control less than 24 hours after Friday’s tragic Aurora shooting.
“I feel so strongly about this – how about waiting a decent interval, maybe a day, until, you know, the families have had a time to absorb the shock, the victims have been identified,” opined Kurtz, after calling out CNN by name. “Why this rush to do it immediately?”

1 thought on “Not The Time To Talk About It?

  1. No time is ever appropriate to talk about controlling the tools of gun massacres, yasee. The gun lobby might look elsewhere with their largesse.

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