Not Slick

The Former Governor: As the Race Turns Hot, What About Dean’s Collar?:

“‘Howard gets angry,’ said one longtime friend, Thomas R. Hudspeth, a professor at the University of Vermont. ‘He doesn’t suffer people being unfair or duplicitous. In the heat of sports events with his kids, for instance, I can remember him yelling, red-faced, his neck muscles bulging,’ if, as a spectator, he saw dishonesty among his children’s opponents or poor calls by referees. ‘And there were a couple of reporters who were always really good at getting his goat.'”

In other words, not a slick, blow-dried, professional politician with carefully prepared, evasive non-answers guaranteed to offend no one. Oh dear! How can we allow THAT!

Later in the story,

“During the current campaign, with scrutiny heightened, the Dean temper has yet to show much of itself in public and, aides say, has appeared only a few times in private.

“I never experienced his temper, but there are those who say he does have quite a temper,” said John H. Bloomer Jr., a Republican who is minority leader of the Vermont Senate. “If anything, he’s done well in controlling his thin skin in this campaign.”

Oh, well never mind then. Of course, why write the article in the first place?